Astrid Größ is the linchpin in our organisation, keeping a keen eye on everything that happens at BVIW. Thanks to her sixth sense, she’s typically already done what we need before we have even thought to ask for it.  

Astrid Größ

Astrid Größ
Phone: +49 89 2441 851-50

As Office Manager, Astrid leads the fight for simplicity, structure and streamlining as she coordinates the company’s service providers, manages IT support and events, handles business correspondence with our customers and assists the Managing Directors. Applying charm and discipline in equal measure, she ensures all the pieces are in place so the operation can run smoothly.

Ask her employers about her strengths, and they will immediately mention her unflinching desire to optimise wherever she can. Undeterred by the argument “but that’s how we’ve always done it”, she questions even well-established systems and pinpoints where they can be made better.

If she’s a fan of playing devil’s advocate, it’s only so she can work out the best solution for any eventuality. And thanks to her common-sense approach, Astrid has no trouble taking care of all those annoying little jobs that keep the workplace ticking but most of us tend to put off.

Astrid spends her free time relaxing and recharging in the natural peace and beauty of the Bavarian countryside. A keen mountain biker, she’s always looking to add other exciting tours to those she has already mastered in Bavaria, Austria and on holiday on Sardinia.

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