Julia Harwardt

Julia Harwardt is a state-certified translator who has been with BVIW since 2009. As Team Leader German, she is responsible for coordinating the work done by in-house and third-party editors and translators on various media projects where German is the target language, including employee newspapers, customer magazines, and press or marketing campaigns.

Julia Harwardt

Julia Harwardt
Phone: +49 89 2441 851-85

Julia’s strengths are her focus, reliability and eagerness to find the right solution; these strengths make our clients’ lives easier every day. She understands the time pressure faced by her counterparts at the client end – department heads and their teams in corporate communications, marketing and PR. That’s why Julia Harwardt invests so much effort in the copy she and her team deliver in German. It has to express our clients’ message so accurately, and address their target groups with such vivid and compelling style, that it leaves them completely satisfied. And of course their work is always delivered on time.

A firm believer in face-to-face communication, she is always happy to visit clients in person, because that way she can get to know her contacts, their products and processes, and the whole company for herself.

In her free time, Julia Harwardt indulges her passion for languages – she speaks fluent English and French, plus some Spanish and Russian – by travelling widely. She has a particular affinity for the fascinating people, ancient cultures and multifarious dialects of South America and the Caribbean.

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