Ronald Erlandsson-Klein

Ronald Erlandsson-Klein is the BVIW managing director with responsibility for daily commercial operations, including customer enquiries and offers, end-to-end project organisation, and direct contact with his counterparts in our clients’ organisations.

Ronald Erlandsson-Klein

Ronald Erlandsson-Klein
Phone: +49 89 2441 851-51

Since completing his linguistics studies in 1993, Ronald has gained 15 years of international experience in various countries – and a Swedish wife, with whom he is raising a bilingual family. Having worked as a project manager for a series of translation agencies, he understands exactly what it takes to provide a perfect translation service.

Ronald puts up with no nonsense, he can’t abide inefficiency, and he’s the sworn enemy of the never-ending, inconclusive meeting. Which is what makes him the ideal person for his role as managing director at BVIW: he can really keep the business on its toes! His personal goal at the beginning of each day is to offer customers a service that is truly worthy of the term.

What Ronald Erlandsson-Klein enjoys most is engaging in open and personal dialogue with our clients and – since he is the front-line man at BVIW – being the one clients often heap their praise on when our editors and translators have done yet another excellent job of delivering high-quality work in next to no time.

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